Supervising and Supporting Volunteers

When 9 June at 10:00am to 4:30pm
Provided by Voluntary Action Leeds

Volunteers are more likely to stay with your organisation if they are enabled to develop their skills and confidence and to take on more responsibiltiy. Maximise the value of volunteer effort by helping them to get better at what they do through effective supervision ('one-to-ones'). For many volunteers, their involvement with your organisation has an important role in meeting specific individual needs. Consider the different ways these needs can be met through support structures without significant additional cost of money or time.

Venue Voluntary Action Leeds
Stringer House 34 Lupton Street, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 2QW
Learning outcomes The roles of supervision and support in keeping volunteers happy and motivated. How to develop volunteers' skills and confidence through a coaching approach in supervision. How to address difficult issues volunteers may present through effective conversations.
Suitable for For everyone who has responsibility for ‘one-to-one’ supervision or for addressing difficult issues.
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