Training for volunteers

Thank you for becoming a Community Care Volunteer.

Volunteers who have signed up to the Community Care Programme will receive an an online training induction via email.  The induction includes links to four training sessions, which all volunteers must complete before their volunteer role can be progressed.

Working with teams at Leeds City Council and a network of local charities covering each ward of Leeds, our team will then contact volunteers with specific opportunities to help.

Volunteers who have existing DBS checks and are therefore able to offer practical support to individuals, will be coordinated by the Leeds City Council team. If you fall into this group, Leeds City Council will communicate with you directly and send a link to further Information Governance training (also available below) for all volunteers, and other individuals/organisations supporting LCC during the Covid-19 pandemic who are not employed by LCC.

All volunteers will be provided with an ID badge and a letter from Leeds City Council in order to identify themselves before getting started and Leeds City Council will ask some volunteers to sign a paper version of a confidentiality agreement at the earliest appropriate opportunity. 

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