Third Sector Leeds

Third Sector Leeds (TSL) is an alliance that represents the third sector in Leeds.

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Who We Are and What We Do

TSL is the forum in Leeds that promotes, represents and advocates for not-for-profit groups and organisations (known as the ‘Third Sector’) in Leeds.

We work closely with large organisations that set the direction for the city, including the Council and the Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (the NHS) in order to:

  • Influence decisions that affect the communities the third sector works with.
  • Ensure that as many third sector organisations as possible, particularly the smaller ones, are involved in discussions on city-wide challenges and solutions. 
  • Ensure third sector organisations can access information and support to help them play their part in changing Leeds for the better.

The Leadership Group

To help us to do this we have a Leadership Group who meet regularly to discuss the key issues in the city and share their ideas about how improvements could be made.

Leadership Group members all work or volunteer for third sector organisations (often in senior positions) and give up their time because they know that by working together the Third Sector will be more effective.

When they ‘wear their Leadership Group hat’ members represent particular areas of interest (e.g. advice giving, young people or health) or different parts of the city, and use their knowledge of the wider third sector to suggest the way forward.

Leadership Group members are nominated by city forums with particular interests (e.g. Forum Central the health and social care network nominates a Leadership Group member to represent Health). Where no forum exists, positions are advertised and TSL members vote representatives into positions.

Third Sector Leeds has an independent Chair who does not work for any Leeds based third sector organisation. When TSL needs a new Chair the post is advertised and selected by interview.

At the moment TSL’s Chair is Chris Hollins.

Our Event Programme

Our role is to share information with, and hear from, as many third sector organisations as possible. The main way we do this is through our event programme. During the year we run a series of workshops on particular themes, and twice a year we hold three ‘TSL Goes Local’ events in the three localities of Leeds.

These local events are where we get a view about what’s working well and what could be improved in neighbourhoods, as well as giving local groups and organisations a chance to meet and share information with one another.  

Our TSL Goes Local events are planned with our partners, including Council officers and NHS colleagues to make sure that we’re looking at issues that are really relevant in your neighbourhood.

Making the Case for the Third Sector — Third Sector Partnership

Part of Third Sector Leeds’ job is to look at how people and organisations can work together to make the sector stronger.

One way that we help to make the case for the third sector is through our membership of Third Sector Partnership. Third Sector Partnership is Chaired by the Council’s Executive Member for Citizens and Communities, and brings together Third Sector Representatives and senior leaders from the Council, NHS and Universities to agree priorities for change and deliver against them.

The way that organisations across the third and public sectors want to work together is set out in the Compact for Leeds. The Third Sector Ambition Statement sets out some of the key priorities for action and how they will be delivered.

Third Sector Leeds has five places on Third Sector Partnership with five further places for third sector advocates retained for invitations to be extended as required to people with particular knowledge or skills.

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