Type of organisation

It is essential that you seek advice about the type of the organisation that you intend to set up. There are a number of choices and your decision will be dependent on many different factors.

Organisations come in different shapes and sizes, the legal structure you choose will determine what kind of organisation you will be from unincorporated groups or charity to social enterprise or trust each has a different legal structure and rules that need to be followed.

In the Governance section the different legal forms are introduced see Choosing a legal structure

Governing Documents

As a new group you will need to write and agree a set of rules outlining exactly what you aim to do and how you intend to do it, this will be your governing document.

What the governing document includes and what is known as depends on the legal structure - your organisation will only have one governing document!  It will outline things like how you will to work covering areas like management committees, finances and meetings.

When the legal structure that you intend to use has been decided, the next step is producing the appropriate governing document.

In the Governance section the different types of governing documents are introduced see: governing documents.

Choosing a name

What is the name of your group or organisation going to be?

To make sure that no other organisation is using the same name check the Companies House and Charity Commission websites.