University Contacts

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This page provides further information about what each of the universities currently offer to the sector, along with first points of contact.


Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett are keen to develop links and collaborations with the sector in a number of areas including:

  • research and evaluation
  • staff volunteering and skills exchanges
  • student volunteering
  • student placements and internships.

The CommUNIty team find that the best way of promoting collaborations is first of all having a discussion with the potential 3rd sector partner, finding out what their needs are, and establishing what assets they would be willing to invest into a partnership; then returning to the university and trying to find the appropriate staff and resources to connect with the 3rd sector partner.  As there are so many variable factors, very few collaborations are the same.

In the first instance organisations should contact the CommUNIty team, or for student volunteering  the Students Union volunteering team

Leeds Trinity University

Leeds Trinity have made available a list of people that organisations can contact directly to discuss an area of interest:

University of Leeds

There are many ways that third sector organsiations and the University of Leeds are working together. For any initial enquiries contact Jo Cutter, Research Engagement Manager at Leeds University Business School and she can connect you to other faculties and support services depending on your interests.

Some examples of activity you might be intersted in are






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