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Sherin Ann Saji – Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT)

“Character improvement, confidence and motivation”

Sherin’s volunteering has been a way for her to get out of her comfort zone and push herself to try new things. She described to me how she was a shy kid and as such didn’t want to sign up for things. Volunteering as a caller to those waiting for surgery is the perfect opportunity to both gain experience and learn new skills. Sherin makes phone calls to those on surgery waitlists to pass on information around useful services and help make sure people feel ready for the scary experience of surgery.This image says “I was very determined to move out of my comfort zone, so I looked for volunteering opportunities around me”

Sherin’s volunteering excites her because of all the amazing life experiences she hears, she told me “I’m quite young, I haven’t had that many life experiences but learning about theirs is just amazing, it’s something that keeps you going”. Alongside hearing about patient’s life experiences, volunteering has helped Sherin develop her career path. Currently a clinical science student, her experience interacting with patients has driven her desire to study medicine, and to be a part of making sure patients have great experiences with their doctors. For Sherin volunteering is a way to build up her skills whilst boosting her CV and finding a path to take in the future.

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