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Our Journey: Toni and Sarah’s Quest to Empower Neurodivergent Communities

Added: 17/05/2024

UNMASKED Neurodiversity Network CIC

In the heart of East Leeds, my friend Sarah and I stand united by a shared purpose and a deep bond. As Neurodivergent individuals ourselves, we understand the struggles and triumphs of navigating a world that often overlooks our unique perspectives and needs. Driven by our personal experiences and a burning desire to make a difference, we embark on a journey to revolutionise support systems for Neurodivergent communities.

We are not just colleagues; we are kindred spirits on a mission. Sarah and I share a vision of creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive space where Neurodivergent individuals can thrive, grow, and be celebrated for who they are. Our journey begins with the establishment of a Community Interest Company, where we hope to channel our passion for advocacy into tangible change.

In these early stages of our endeavour, Sarah and I are pouring our hearts and souls into laying the groundwork for our venture. From navigating the intricacies of funding applications to scouting potential premises, we are fuelled by a sense of purpose and determination. Every step forward brings us closer to realising our dream of creating a sanctuary for Neurodivergent individuals in our community.

But our journey is not without its challenges. As Neurodivergent individuals, we are all too familiar with the barriers and obstacles that stand in our way. Yet, it is precisely these challenges that drive us to push harder, to fight for change, and to carve out a space where Neurodiversity is celebrated, not stigmatised.

Our journey is guided by a commitment to empowerment and inclusivity. Through primary research, including comprehensive questionnaires, we seek to amplify the voices of Neurodivergent individuals and ensure that their needs and perspectives are heard and respected. The overwhelming response to our research reaffirms the urgent need for the services we aim to provide.

Sarah and I are not content with simply scratching the surface. We aspire to offer a comprehensive range of services that address the diverse needs of Neurodivergent individuals across the spectrum. From support groups and low-cost counselling to parenting support, workshops, education groups, and social gatherings, we envision a holistic support network that leaves no one behind.

As we take our first steps on this transformative journey, Sarah and I are filled with hope, determination, and an unwavering belief in the power of community. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future for all Neurodivergent individuals.

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UNMASKED Neurodiversity Network CIC

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