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Help share accurate information with your community about health and wellbeing

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Community Champions are people, or organisations, who care about keeping their community informed about how to stay healthy and well.

Could be a Community Champion volunteer or organisation?

As a volunteer you would communicate with people, such as friends, family, and your community. Sharing information through one to one or group conversations, online and on social media. Community Champions help to spread accurate information about important subjects to do with keeping healthy and well, such as the COVID-19 vaccination.


There are three Community Champions roles:

  • Community Champion – sharing key public health messages, like those about vaccinations or COVID-19, with family and friends. This can be done remotely from home.
  • Community Engagement Champion – sharing key public health messages with the local community as a volunteer on location responding to a rapid or urgent need to support a local priority area. There will be different locations and call outs for volunteers at short notice.
  • Community Champion Organisation – organisations pledge to support Community Champion health and wellbeing priority messaging. They support staff to sign up and volunteer as Community Champions to support the sharing of health messages, including around COVID-19, and vaccination uptake amongst staff, service users and communities. Organisation in Leeds that might suit this role are; third sector organisations, local businesses, educational establishments including grass root groups, constituted groups and residents’ associations.

If you’re interested in being a Community Champion in your local area or as an organisation, sign up on Be Collective, or get in touch if you have any questions.

If you are passionate, friendly, and want to make a difference in your community this flexible volunteering role might be perfect for you!

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  • Key health messages 
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Training for Community Champions

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Community Champions are well supported in their role by our volunteer coordinators. We can offer ongoing training, and there is mandatory training to help volunteers get started.

  • Access training to equip you to have effective conversations.
  • Be part of regular support sessions to meet fellow Community Champions, share experiences and learning. Ask questions to Public Health and Leeds CCG about latest health messages.
  • Learn about sharing health messages with communities in different ways.



Community Champions Induction

As a Community Champion you are given a thorough induction to help equip you for the role and build confidence on how to approach difficult subjects. Ongoing support is on hand through peer support sessions, one to one guidance and, occasional online information sessions with health professionals.

Mandatory training videos

red play symbolThere are currently seven short videos to watch to complete the Community Champions induction training. These are to help you on your way to being a great volunteer.

Click the links below to be taken to the videos on youtube.

1. – 4. The essentials of volunteering:

5. Having meaningful conversations

Watch the Meaningful Conversations training video on Youtube

Designed for anyone who wants to help people work their way through difficult problems and conversations, this will training will help you to:

  • Know what makes a meaningful conversation
  • Practise the use of Active Listening and Clean Communication to explore issues
  • Use different questioning techniques to enable people to explore their attitudes and beliefs

6. Key Winter Messages Part 1 – Influenza and Flu

Watch Key Winter Messages Part 1 – Influenza

This short information session provides key public health messages around Flu, including:

  • Types of Flu
  • Who is at risk
  • How to protect yourself and others

7. Key Winter Messages Part 2 – Covid-19 and Vaccination

Watch Key Winter Messages Part 2 – Covid-19 and Vaccination on Youtube

This short session covers key messages including:

  • Covid-19 overview
  • The changing symptoms of Covid-19
  • Information and facts about the vaccines
  • How you can support the programme in Leeds

Thanks for taking the time to watch these videos to complete the Community Champion induction.

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Resources for Community Champions

We have compiled a list of link to useful resources and websites for Community Champions.

Access reliable information which you can share with people you know to help them stay healthy and well.


This project is delivered by Forum Central and Voluntary Action Leeds supported by LCC and NHS

If you have any questions you can email:

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