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The Doing Good Leeds Directory aims to provide a comprehensive public listing of voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations operating in Leeds.

Currently our organisations search is unavailable because of an exciting new project in development with partners, which provides a city-wide solution for maintaining up to date information about organisations and services.

Until we have this up and running please use the Leeds Directory to find organisations.

Leeds Online Open Platform (LOOP)

LOOP will be a single source of accurate, up to date and trusted information, primarily about health, care and wellbeing. The information will be shared with directories, websites and applications across Leeds.

LOOP is intended to ensure:

  • The information about health and care services in all online directories is accurate and up to date
  • The collective data currently locked up in individual platforms is collated, analysed and used for the greater good for the citizens of Leeds

People will be able to input and update information about their organisations/activities/services into LOOP and then connected directories from across the city will be automatically updated. This will save time and resource, increase the quality of information and provide data to support funding applications and service improvements.

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