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Group support provides information, training, support and advice to help you to set up and run a not-for-profit group, from a registered charity to a small voluntary, community, faith group or social enterprise, so that you can make your community better.

You don’t need to be part of a community group already and you don’t need to be a member of staff, we work with volunteers, trustees and staff members.

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Starting a new group

This is an overview of what you’ll need to think about and have in place before, and in order to get a group up and running.


Running a group (Governance)

Information and guidance about how to run and manage a group effectively. How a group runs and the rules it has to abide by is known as Governance.


Roles and Responsibilities

There can be any number a people involved in running a group. This explains who those people might be and what they’re responsible for, as well as how to recruit and manage them.



Information about the financial matters of running a group, such as keeping accounts and money policies.



Resources for finding funding that’s currently available in Leeds and help with getting access to it.



Find out about the Third Sector Safeguarding Group and where to go for information and training on safeguarding.

Child Friendly Leeds One Minute Guides

Leeds City Council have developed a library of ‘one minute guides’ that aim to provide straight-forward information about Children’s Services; what support is available and who is involved.

The guides are for everyone to use and are regularly updated with new topics and information.

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