Voluntary Action Leeds is a charity that works to support other non profits, charities and groups working across the Third Sector in Leeds.  

We do this in lots of ways, some are very practical and other more strategic; focusing on our mission to support and enable positive social action to build thriving, empowered and inclusive communities

In other words we support communities together.



All third sector organisations in Leeds have the skills, resources, support and voice to achieve their aspirations.


To support and enable positive social action to build thriving, empowered and inclusive local communities.


Supporting groups and organisations in local communities, of place and interest, to develop and achieve positive social change from within.


  • Equality & Diversity: Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) believes that every person has a unique gift and ability to make a positive difference. We will strive to create an equality of opportunity for all and value difference so that a fitting place for these gifts and abilities is found.

  • Cooperation: More commitment to cooperation rather than competition is the way changes from within communities will occur. We will be committed to being a valued partner and a facilitator of mutually beneficial partnerships for others.

  • Innovation: It might not be through creating the next breakthrough technological product that we will evidence innovation. Adaptability and a willingness to change in pursuit of our social mission is how we will continue to demonstrate our value in innovation.

  • Accountability: VAL is a respected and trusted organisation and we have worked hard to earn this reputation. Accountability and honesty have been at the heart of our work through doing what we say we will and not making promises we can't uphold. This approach will remain central to ethos.

  • Empowerment & Involvement: VAL is committed to ensuring that people have opportunities to influence the decisions that affect their lives, and the skills and knowledge to make good use of those opportunities.