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Enhancing the voice of the people of Leeds

Who we are and what we do

The Leeds Voices project works to ensure that local people and communities have their say on changes to services in Leeds.

Our way of working ensures that public organisations conducting consultation or engagement activities can be confident that the voices of underrepresented communities can be reached.

Most of our current work is with the NHS Leeds CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group), although we are available to work with other organisations.

How we work

Leeds Voices works with partner organisations and volunteers from across the City to help reach out to a diverse range of people including underrepresented communities, working people and the general public.

Our work is split into three parts:

Engaging Voices – Our network of third sector organisations that support us to hear the voice of their service users and communities

Working Voices – Our network of employers in the city that support us to hear the voice of their employees

Leeds Health Ambassadors – Our team of volunteers who help us run engagement activities and connect with people and communities

Engaging Voices

Engaging Voices is a network of charities and groups we work with across Leeds, running activities with their service users to allow them to share their views on new and existing local health and changes to public services.

How does this work?

Our Engaging Voices partners draw on their experience and understanding of the diverse barriers and issues their service users or communities in Leeds face. This allows the service users who participate in our engagements to have as much understanding as possible of what the engagement is about so that they can give informed responses that will help to make a difference. This is especially important if language, educational or cultural barriers exist that would stop an individual from participating in a mainstream consultation.

This asset based engagement approach has demonstrated positive results, ensuring the seldom heard people of Leeds have a chance to get involved and have their say on the changes to public and health care services.

Because peoples expertise is being asked for and we recognise that engagements not part of partner’s core work we offer incentives to get involved: usually £5.00 for every completed survey or £10.00 for each service user that attends a focus group.

You can sign your organisation up to be an Engaging Voices Partner by completing our online signup form.

Working Voices

Everyone deserves an equal say in what changes are made to public and health care services and it can be difficult for working people to get involved.

Our Working Voices project therefore aims to enhance the voice of working people by partnering up with organisations to run activities to ensure their views are heard.

Become a Working Voices Partner

Working Voices has a network of partner employers who are willing to involve their employees with engagements either to complete surveys or be involved with focus groups around public and health care services that impact on them directly.

Benefits to being a partner – part of your CSR portfolio
Employee views, along with the views of others, will help decision makers to plan and deliver public and health care services which better meet the needs of communities in Leeds. Involvement can be classified as micro volunteering and contribute to employers Corporate Social Responsibilities, for a survey this is 15 minutes of volunteering and focus group involvement can be up to two hours. So this project benefits employers, employees and public and health care services alike.

Want to get involved?

We are always on the look out for partner organisations to join our Working Voices network. So if you would like your employees to have a voice and are interested in becoming a Working Voices Partner complete our signup form here.

If you want to get in touch you can email We look forward to welcoming you to our trusted network of partners.

Leeds Health Ambassadors

Are you interested in helping the people of Leeds have their say about current and proposed public and health services in the City?

Leeds Health Ambassadors are volunteers who work with the Leeds Voices team and Engaging Voices partners to support consultations and engagements to find out what the people of Leeds think of public and health services and help their voices to be heard.

The Role

We are always on the look out for friendly and enthusiastic people to join our dynamic team of volunteers. Past volunteering experience isn’t essential as we’ll give you all the training you need. You just need to be a friendly person who is happy to get stuck in, is reliable and good at using your initiative.

The skills you develop will be very much up to you and how involved you want to be. There are a lot of different events organised, from focus groups to funding fairs so you have the chance to participate in a wide variety of opportunities.

Want to get involved?

To get involved please download the Leeds Health Ambassador Volunteer Role Description 2020 (2) and complete the application form and email back to us at

Sound like something you should be part of? Get in touch!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about any of the Leeds Voices projects, you can contact the team on 0113 297 7920 or email

Planned and current engagements

More details about these engagements will be posted in due course.

  • Covid Vaccine messages
  • Review of local mental health services
  • Crossgates and their local health services – asking local people their thoughts and opinions on local health services
  • Community Neuro Services Review

Our previous engagements

Since 2018 we have run many engagements with communities across a range of health issues. The latest engagement saw us speak to communities about changes to the Maternity Services in Leeds.

View and download our Annual Report

Completed engagements


Preparing for Winter


Pulmonary & Cardio

Maternity & Neonatal Services in Leeds

Telephone Interpreting Service


Syrian Refugee Health Workshop

Community Cancer Support

Wetherby Community Mental Health

Urgent Treatment Centres

Faecal Testing

BSL Contract


Shakespeare Walk in Centre

Parenting and mental health

Developing a diabetes strategy for Leeds

Primary Care Mental Health services

Social Prescribing

What matters to people living with frailty

Outpatient maternity care in Leeds

Homebirth – choice of birth place

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