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Volunteer Week: A snapshot into volunteering during lockdown

Added: 03/06/2021


Have you been thinking about volunteering but aren’t quite sure?

We spoke to Mary during the first lockdown to give us a quick snapshot as to why she volunteered and the reasons why she thinks volunteering is a great thing to do. 

Mary was a teacher delivering online learning for students and had signed up as a Community Care Volunteer at BARCA as she had more free time to offer. 

The Community Care Volunteering programme was established by Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) and Leeds City Council to ensure those in need could access voluntary support.  


Why did you decide to become a Community Care Volunteer?  

  • Being a teacher meant recognised the need for helping families 
  • had a need to feel part of community by volunteering 
  • I had time due to lockdown


What has your volunteer role entailed so far? 

  • Volunteering three days a week for two hours a day 
  • Picking up prescriptions 
  • Dropping off shopping deliveries 


How has volunteering during the COVID-19 crisis made you feel? 

  • Personally happy 
  • Appreciative of everything 
  • Feels like I’m making a difference which is very rewarding 


What’s your message for anyone thinking about volunteering?   

  • Do it! It’s a small time commitment for big rewards 
  • It’s very worthwhile 
  • You’ll be making a massive difference 

Pink post it note pinned to a cork board with the words DO IT written in pencil in capital letters

Volunteers can offer practical support for vulnerable people (such as shopping deliveries, preparing meals, making check-in phone calls) or can sign-up as an informal volunteer to help within their own neighbourhood in more general ways. The Leeds City Council helpline is available so that people in need of support can call 0113 378 1877 to be matched with a local volunteer who can help. 

The Community Care Volunteering Programme is not currently accepting applications from new volunteers but there are still lots of other volunteering opportunities available in Leeds.

To find out more, please visit


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