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Support for individuals

  • Leeds already has lots of information available to support communities which you can find at Together Leeds 
  • Groundwork’s Green Doctor service can help you to save money, energy and stay warm and well
  • Leeds Food Aid Network have online maps showing the nearest places to access emergency food or low-cost food and meals.  
  • Turn2Us Benefit Calculator is a great free resource to check you are not missing out any benefits you are entitled to. 
  • A number of organisations working across Leeds have produced a ‘Worrying about Money?’ leaflet with Leeds Food Aid Network, which are co-designed as straightforward resources both for people facing money worries and support workers. 
  • Money Buddies are here to help you save money, increase your income and advise you at times of financial crisis. They have a wide range of legal debt advice and financial capability solutions that could ease or remove money-related difficulties. 
  • We also encourage neighbourliness during challenging times – check out our guide Being a Good Neighbour 
  • Many complications come with winter, such as the weather, loneliness, and financial strain. Winter Friends focuses on helping people and communities in Leeds during these most challenging months of the year.

Resources to help you save money and save the planet 

  • Climate Action Leeds Energy Saving Handbook gives advice on how to save energy and money, as well as what help is available to cover costs.
  • Leeds Action to Create Homes (LATCH) have created a guide to DIY low carbon building improvements for Leeds Victorian terrace homes.  
  • Buy Nowt LS6 have produced a guide to help people DIY retrofit insulation in their homes, to make them more energy-efficient. You can borrow a wide range of tools from their Library of Things  
  • Zero Carbon Yorkshire have recorded a webinar with energy saving tips to help you save money in your home this winter. 
  • South Leeds Conserving Resources Associating People group is a place for people to share things they no longer want.
  • Leeds School Uniform Exchange  makes it easy to share and swap good quality, second-hand school uniforms. 

Find out lots more about Climate Action Leeds, and how you can get involved.

Culturally specific services 

We know that culturally diverse communities are more likely to face cost of living challenges than the general population. Leeds Culturally Diverse Hub is working with a range of partners to understand what culturally specific support is available. As we increase our understanding of the new services that are being developed, we will update this site and through our other media channels. 


Together Leeds

Find free, confidential and tailored support and information at Together Leeds portal, produced by Leeds City Council.

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