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Leeds Third Sector Information & Guidance on COVID-19

This webpage aims to share specific information, helpful resources and guidance tailored to the needs of small, local, third sector organisations in Leeds in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Community Care Volunteer Programme

The city of Leeds was rapid in its response to the crisis, thanks to the hard work of innumerable individuals.

Voluntary Action Leeds together with Leeds City Council established the Community Care Volunteer Programme  (which was given recognition at VAL’s 2020 AGM) to match volunteers with vulnerable people – helping them with a range of tasks, from shopping to dog walking. This was made possible by a network of 27 local third sector organisations which were established across all 33 wards in Leeds, known as ‘Community Hubs’.

Over 8000 volunteers signed-up, and teams and community hubs worked hard to recruit and match many of these volunteers up with individuals and communities that required support.

Recruitment of new Community Care volunteers (CCVs) currently remains paused. There may be need to recruit more CCVs in the future and we will keep this page updated as the situation continues to evolve.

You are welcome to add yourself to our Community Care Volunteer mailing list to be kept up-to-date about available opportunities as they arise.

More ways to support communities

Whilst volunteer recruitment has been paused, there are other ways you can support communities in Leeds.

Leeds Community Foundation has launched a fund to support charities and community groups across Leeds that are experiencing exceptional difficulties operating as a result of the National Emergency measures resulting from COVID-19.

Leeds Community Foundation distributes grants, shares advice and uses specialist knowledge to help community projects thrive.

Visit the Leeds Community Fund website for more information or to make a donation.

Support Your Neighbours

It has never been more important than it is now

Neighbourliness has been a key part of Leeds’ response to the pandemic.

Many people have already come together and are doing wonderful community work to help their neighbours all across Leeds.

Join in and make a difference. Find out more about our Being a Good Neighbour pack – get tips on how you can help others as safely as possible.

Updates from Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) and Third Sector Leeds (TSL)

Operational changes put in place by Voluntary Action Leeds at the start of the outbreak are available to download below. You can also view and download our COVID-19 update for the third sector in Leeds.

Third Sector Leeds (TSL) produced a daily key information briefing for the third sector, up until 27 April. All subsequent updates are included in the four TSL Digests which can be accessed at any time here.

TSL has collated the information from its daily briefs and a range of trusted sources to produce four information documents (available to download at the end of this page) covering a wide range of topics including; health and care, domestic abuse services, children and young people, migration, refugees and asylum seekers, cemetery and crematoria practices, online support, safeguarding, community safety, help with finances and energy, food, childcare, and faith.

  • Key Services Guide: Covering critical information about core services
  • Local Services Guide: Round up of local resources from the third sector and partners across a range of themes.
  • Business Sustainability Guide: Useful link and information about business viability and sustaining your organisation.
  • Learning from the Sector Guide: Overview of how third sector organisations are being impacted, and what we can learn from their experiences.

TSL are constantly updating these documents and would welcome any comments, amendments and additions at

Other useful sources of information

For general information, health advice and the latest guidance about the coronavirus outbreak, please go to the coronavirus pages on NHS.UK and, which are under constant review.

The Leeds City Council website has the most up-to-date local guidance and information for our city – visit

The NCVO has published information here to help you decide what steps you and your organisation may need to take in light of the spread of the coronavirus. The article contains lots of useful information, which the NCVO will be keeping up-to-date, including:

  • What to do to protect staff, volunteers and visitors
  • How to prevent spread
  • How to deal with events
  • How to support beneficiaries and service users
  • Employee sick leave
  • Financial implications


Sources of funding

VAL produces a regular funding update with sources of grant funding for voluntary and community groups, this includes funding focused around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the latest document of Sources of Grant Funding for Voluntary and Community Groups.

COVID-19 TSL Information Documents to Download

Key Services Guide (PDF, 641 KB)

A core services guide covering critical information about: health and wellbeing, help with money food and childcare, domestic abuse services, cemetery and crematoria practices, and sources of key information in accessible formats.


Local Services Guide (PDF, 544 KB)

A round up of local services and resources from the third sector and partners under a number of themes; health and care, domestic abuse services, children and young people. migration, refugees and asylum seekers, online support, safeguarding, community safety, help with finances and energy, and faith.


Business Sustainability Guide (PDF, 423 KB)

A digest on business viability and sustaining your organisation including: links to local government information about support packages available, guidance from trusted partners on eligibility for support, headline information from the Charity Commission and other sources of funding and business advice.


Learning from the Sector Guide (PDF, 206 KB)

Providing an overview of how third sector organisations are being impacted by Coronavirus and how we can learn from their experiences.

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