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Information & Guidance on COVID-19 for the Third Sector in Leeds

This webpage aims to share specific information, helpful resources and guidance tailored to the needs of small, local, third sector organisations in Leeds in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Routes to Support in Leeds for the Shielding Group


New guidance has been issued to help protect particularly vulnerable people during the second lockdown, this means individuals who are identified as being ‘Clinically Extremely Vulnerable’ (CEV).

A document has been produced to help anyone working with people who might be CEV, providing the right information to signpost from, to get more people on the route to access the support they want or need.

Community Care Volunteer Programme

When the pandemic first hit, Voluntary Action Leeds together with Leeds City Council established the Community Care Volunteer Programme (which was given recognition at VAL’s 2020 AGM) to match volunteers with vulnerable people, and help them with a range of tasks, from shopping to dog walking.

This was made possible by establishing a network of 27 ‘Community Hubs’ across all 33 wards in Leeds, and with thanks to the hard work and dedication of innumerable individuals. 

Over 8000 volunteers signed-up, and teams and community hubs worked hard to recruit and match many of these volunteers up with individuals and communities that required support. Recruitment of new Community Care Volunteers (CCVs) was paused after the first wave to help teams manage these numbers.

There may now be opportunities for new Community Care Volunteers to help, with roles such as drivers, shoppers and telephone welfare support.

Find these roles and more on the Volunteer Centre Leeds platform.

Community Care Hubs and many other organisations now actively use the platform to promote their opportunities and connect directly with potential volunteers.

We will be closely monitoring the evolving situation and keep this page updated if more volunteers become urgently needed.

We also keep in contact with those interested in the Community Care Volunteer Programme via email, if you’d like to be on that mailing list, you’re welcome to subscribe here.

CCV Opportunities on the Volunteer Centre Leeds Platform

The new Volunteer Centre Leeds platform has been developed to support all kinds of volunteering in Leeds.

If you are interested in volunteering for the CCV Programme specifically you can join the Group: Community Care Programme using the link below, then select ‘Apply now’.

You will be asked for your basic details to register onto the volunteering platform (which is managed by VAL and powered by Be Collective).

Members of this group will receive email notifications of new CCV opportunities that arise.

We can’t guarantee that suitable volunteering opportunities will be available within your local area, so we would encourage you to explore the wider volunteering roles that are advertised on the platform as well.

Supporting Your Neighbours

Neighbourliness has been a key part of Leeds’ response to the pandemic.

Many people have already come together and are doing wonderful community work to help their neighbours all across Leeds.

Join in and make a difference with advice from our Being a Good Neighbour pack.

Find out more and get tips on how you can help others as safely as possible.

The Leeds Community Fund

Leeds Community Foundation has launched a fund to support charities and community groups across Leeds that are experiencing exceptional difficulties operating as a result of the National Emergency measures resulting from COVID-19.

Leeds Community Foundation distributes grants, shares advice and uses specialist knowledge to help community projects thrive.

Visit the Leeds Community Fund website for more information or to make a donation.

Sources of Funding

VAL produces a regular funding update with sources of grant funding for voluntary and community groups, this includes funding focused around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit the Sources of Grant Funding for Voluntary and Community Groups page here on the Doing Good Leeds website to download the latest document.

Useful Sources of Information and Guidance

NHS and the Government

For general information, health advice and the latest guidance about the coronavirus outbreak, please visit the coronavirus pages on NHS.UK and, which are under constant review.

Leeds City Council

The Leeds City Council website has the most up-to-date local guidance and information for our city – visit

Third Sector Leeds

The group Third Sector Leeds (TSL) keep their members up to date on key city policy and changes which effect people in Leeds. Find out more and join their mailing list – visit

During the first peak of the pandemic TSL produced daily update briefings for the third sector, up until 27 April, followed by four key documents summarising services. Given the rapid pace of change these documents are no longer relevant but if you’re interested in seeing these or finding out more you can get in touch with


The NCVO has published lots of information to help you decide what steps you and your organisation may need to take in light of the spread of the coronavirus – visit

The articles contain lots of useful information, covering a range of topics including:

  • What to do to protect staff, volunteers and visitors
  • How to prevent spread
  • How to deal with events
  • How to support beneficiaries and service users
  • Employee sick leave
  • Financial implications
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