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Beyond the Talk Event

Added: 14/12/2023


Come and join us for the first of our planning calls for the building of a brand new Anti-Conference and collaborative training event “Beyond the Talk: Leeds Walks the Walk”

Our aim is that this will take place in FEBRUARY 2024 developed with a wide-ranging interdisciplinary team both local to Leeds and working internationally.

We would love for you to join us to be part of co-designing a sharing, storytelling, practising and researching space. We aim to create an interdisciplinary space to collaboratively explore participatory processes and practices for building community, conducting research and working for social change in a wide range of contexts.

You will find more information and contact details for the initiating team on the flyer attached, but to answer some expected questions:

What Might Happen? 

  1. Discover new ways of working and thinking,
  2. Practice facilitation skills for Self, communities, organisations and researchers,
  3. Find ways to build on the strengths of communities, service users and co-researchers,
  4. Explore solution-focused approaches to Self and community,
  5. Hear global examples of strengths-based influence, impact and change,
  6. Share your practice and knowledge, and learn from peers in other disciplines

Who Should Attend? 

  1. Grassroots Community Development and Engagement Workers
  2. Community Artists and creatives interested in participatory methods and co-creation
  3. Activists, Change-Makers and Community Organisations
  4. Participatory and Community-Led Researchers and Co-researchers
  5. Community Members and Neighbourhood Activators.

To get involved, please join us for our first scoping call for interested collaborators taking place on 18th December 2023. 10:00am (UK time, online).

To join the Zoom Meeting go to

Meeting ID: 884 0520 8981




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