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Happy Birthday Community Care Hubs

Added: 29/03/2021

Wishing a great big Happy Birthday to all the Community Care Hubs and the people who make them what they are!

1 year on and around 30 Community Care Hubs covering all wards of Leeds have helped 1000s of people get through incredibly difficult circumstances brought on by the unprecedented pandemic.

Many groups were already set up and supporting their communities, for example the Neighbourhood Networks, but covid brought new challenges and everyone rose to meet those new needs. Hubs came up with creative ways to help people not only with food, prescriptions and other essentials but with isolation and loneliness too.

Show your support and thanks for an incredible year by sharing your happy birthday message to the Community Care Hubs, and to the people with hearts of gold who run them and volunteer for them.

Use the hashtag #HappyBirthdayCCHubs and #TogetherLeeds.

You can choose one of the images or gifs below to use to accompany your message – just right click, or tap and hold, then copy the image/gif to your computer or phone, then in your tweet or facebook message insert the image/gif.

You could even share a short video singing happy birthday (that would really make our day) – but however you choose to celebrate we hope you have a little fun and bring a smile to someone’s face.

Let’s celebrate together through the wonders of social media!


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