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How Can I Help Afghan Refugees?

Added: 14/09/2021

Third Sector Leeds

After the recent events in Afghanistan many people have been keen to know what they can do to show support Afghan refugees. Third Sector Leeds turned to the local experts in all things migration; Leeds Migration Partnership (LMP) to find out.

The most important thing that came over from our conversation with LMP was their request not to seek to restrict support and giving to refugees from one country; our refugee charities work to  support everyone, no matter where they come from.

There are, of course, some ways you can help directly. For instance, a current priority is providing suitable housing, whilst another is fostering. Migration Yorkshire have developed this guide to a range of actions you can take.

This blog on the Leeds Migration Partnership website, by Jon Beech from Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network, includes a handy flyer which suggests a range of ways you can act to support refugees and help to make Leeds a City of Sanctuary.

Third Sector Leeds

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