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Please tell us about innovations in social Care

Added: 07/09/2023


A new Social Care Rapid Evaluation Team, called SOCRATES for short, would like to hear from you. SOCRATES is a group of researchers and experts by experience from the three universities (the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Central Lancashire and King’s College London).

Over the next five years, we will rapidly evaluate some new services and changes in social care for adults and children. This means finding out whether changes can make a difference on the issues that are important to people. For example, spending a year finding out whether a new technology helps care home residents to feel safe, or whether new links to community activities can help adults in receipt of social care build stronger social networks.  

Please click here for more information or to share your ideas with us, on issues or new things that you think are making a difference. We will add all ideas to a long list. In September and October we will ask people to choose priorities from this list. We will hold a hybrid event for people to discuss some of these in detail. We will then use the final priorities to guide our work on over the next two years.


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