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Problematic Gambling and Support in Leeds

Added: 11/02/2020

Leeds Community Gambling Service

An in depth look at problematic gambling in Leeds and the UK and why a gambling support service in Leeds is much needed.

Report findings from Leeds Beckett University on ‘problematic gambling’ in Leeds found that 10,000 individuals are experiencing severe adverse impacts from their gambling and 30,000 are at risk of these harms. These figures are also above the National average and shows the need for a gambling support service in Leeds.

Problematic gambling in the UK
430,000 individuals are classified as experiencing serious negative harm from their gambling in the UK. This figure could easily be higher too given the hidden nature of gambling addiction. Millions are at risk, especially young people who are exposed to the easily accessible nature of online gambling and gambling through gaming. 

Gambling related harm
‘Problematic gambling’ is defined as an urge to gambling continuously despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. These impacts are experienced by the gambler or affected others, rather than be the gambler’s behaviour.

Gambling is now understood as a public health issue. The impact of gambling is significant and far reaching, and it can affect resources, relationships and an individual’s health and/or wellbeing. It can contribute to anxiety, depression, stress and even suicide. Other impacts include financial debt, relationship and work difficulties and potentially homelessness. 

Affected others
The impacts of gambling extend beyond the individual who gambles, affecting families, friends and communities. There is a huge spiral affect caused by problematic gambling and the impacts experienced by the non-gambler can just be as severe. Some of these adverse impacts include emotional theft, loss of trust and domestic/financial abuse.

Support Available in Leeds

GamCare is working in partnership with the NHS Northern Gambling Service and NECA to provide integrated support services to anyone experiencing gambling harms across Leeds and the surrounding area.

The Leeds Community Gambling Service offers a range of support which can be provided face-to-face, online or over the phone.
If you or anyone you know would like to speak to us or access our support, you can get in touch via:

  • Call our Leeds office between 9-5 (Mon-Fri) on 0113 388 6466. If you call on behalf of a service user then please make sure you have consent to do so.
  • During out of hours, please call the National Gambling HelpLine on 0808 8020 133.
  • Complete our online referral form at

Leeds Community Gambling Service

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