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Programme Precision launched by West Yorkshire Police

Added: 15/05/2020

Programme Precision is the name of a new crackdown involving West Yorkshire Police, local partners and the public to work together to tackle serious and organised crime in the county.

Serious and organised crime costs the UK economy around £37 billion every year and brings misery and suffering to those who become victims. Serious and organised crime covers a range of crimes including drugs, firearms, child sexual exploitation, cybercrime, modern slavery, gangs and county lines.

Find out more via the Programme Precision YouTube video here

Aims and Objectives

Our Vision

To build a highly effective pan West Yorkshire partnership which will work together to make West Yorkshire a hostile environment to those who seek to exploit our communities to benefit from all forms of organised crime.

We will focus our efforts on identifying and protecting those vulnerable to organised crime and support and protect our communities.

Our Aims

  • Ensure a comprehensive understanding of organised crime including who is involved and where it takes place.
  • Gather and share information and intelligence from all partners, including the community, helping to raise awareness of the threat posed by serious and organised crime.
  • Develop appropriate partnership interventions to deter people from becoming involved in serious and organised crime and rehabilitate those caught up in criminality.
  • Make West Yorkshire a hostile environment for those engaged in serious and organised crime.
  • To pursue OCGs through strong and effective partnerships, sharing multi-agency intelligence and resources to maximise impact and disruption resulting in the dismantling of OCGs.
  • To deliver a cohesive partnership 4 ‘P’ strategy to co-ordinate the partnership response to identify and dismantle OCGs.
  • Through a whole partnership approach reduce the threat and risk posed by OCGs.
  • To reduce the risk of harm and increase confidence in our local communities that all statutory agencies actively pursue OCGs.

Our Objectives

The Home Office and National Crime Agency endorse the “Four P” approach to tackling serious and organised crime: Prepare, Prevent, Pursue and Protect. A fifth P, “Partnership” is embedded across the entire West Yorkshire approach. Our objectives are as follows:

  • Prepare: Reducing the impact of this criminality where it does occur.
  • Prevent: Preventing and deterring people from engaging in serious and organised crime.
  • Pursue: Exploiting opportunities to disrupt and where possible prosecute those engaged in serious and organised criminality.
  • Protect: Taking measures to increase protection for individuals, businesses and communities from serious and organised crime and safeguarding those most at risk from it.

Find out more via the website

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