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The Hunslet Club: Connecting through arts and crafts

Added: 05/04/2023

The Hunslet Club

In February, The Hunslet Youth Club brought different generations in the South Leeds area together by hosting a games night for local care home residents; in March 2023, they did it again.

This time, local care home residents and some members of the senior youth club at The Hunslet Club gathered for an arts and crafts session. It was heart-warming to see different generations coming together, helping one another, and creating pieces of art to cherish after the event.

Cherise Hofmann, a youth worker at The Hunslet Club responsible for organising these social action projects, had this to say:

Over the past two sessions, we’ve seen how incredible this experience is, both for young people and care home residents. We’ve seen some of our senior youth club members really come out of their shells while chatting with our guests. It is more than just a social action project; it’s about bringing different people together to improve the well-being of everyone involved.

Through chatting, some members of our senior youth club discovered that one of our guests would be celebrating their birthday on Sunday, 2nd April 2023. Emma was turning 94 years young, and our senior youth club members took it upon themselves to make cards for her to celebrate the occasion. At the end of this social action project, our senior youth club and staff gathered to sing Happy Birthday to Emma, which is a moment many will remember forever.

Little things like this can mean so much, as it helps ease the feeling of loneliness many people face. Projects like this also benefit our young people, as even on the day, you can see their confidence grow.

We would also like to add how incredibly proud we are of our senior youth club members. They did so well, chatting with our guests and ensuring everyone felt included.

This social action project will run for another two sessions at The Hunslet Club, with another games night planned and a karaoke night.


We cannot wait to think of more ways to bring the community together further in 2023. 




This post was written by Lisa Benfield.

The Hunslet Club

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