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TSL News: New Statement of Principles for Partnering in Strategic Programmes

Added: 08/06/2021

Third Sector Leeds

In Leeds we have strong partnerships with our public sector colleagues built over many years. However, we have the sense that with some tweaks to our relationship with key decision makers the sector could achieve much more.

In some policy areas it feels as though the role of the third sector is only considered once the most significant parts of programmes have already been decided.

We don’t think that the third sector is always the right place for strategic programmes to be delivered, but we do think that a conversation about where our strengths could be harnessed could be picked up earlier in programme design.

To make this point we have recently launched a Third Sector Leeds Principles of Strategic Partnership document which sets out our ask of policy makers. Some of the key points made in this are:

  • Talk to the third sector’s collective voice bodies about what’s planned right at the beginning
  • Understand what the third sector is good at
  • Think about ring-fencing areas of delivery for the third sector
  • Give the third sector time to scale up to new challenges.

If you want to find out more about the work of Third Sector Leeds, please visit our web page or contact

Third Sector Leeds

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