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Vaccine Inequalities Plan Update

Added: 11/01/2021

Voluntary Action Leeds

Public Health, working closely with Primary Care Networks, the third sector and wider partners are working to ensure that vaccine uptake is maximised in areas seen as experiencing greatest deprivation and to those vulnerable groups who are at increased risk from Covid-19. The approach starts with the national prioritisation list and local insight gained from working with communities during the pandemic. This will involve:

  • Rapidly developing a summary of insight from local communities to inform the approach
  • Developing local systems to monitor vaccine uptake with a focus on deprivation, age, ethnicity
  • Supporting PCNs to target underserved communities/accessible access, identifying barriers and effective interventions
  • Developing a training pack for third sector and community volunteers to increase confidence in answering questions regarding the Covid vaccine out in the community (door knocking)
  • Developing an age friendly resource for PCNs to assess barriers to attending for vaccinations
  • Producing accessible, culturally sensitive, easy to read information
  • Identifying key local leaders such as faith and community leaders, GPs, Age Friendly Champions


Since November Healthwatch have also  been undertaking a vaccination survey and have so far received over 3000 responses. The data gathered suggests that people aged 44 and younger were more likely than older generations to say that they don’t plan to get the vaccine or were undecided, with vaccine hesitancy peaking in the 25-34-year age category. On the whole, people from White British backgrounds were more likely than people from other ethnic backgrounds to say they plan to get the vaccine. Read the short report of the findings so far here.

Voluntary Action Leeds

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