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Volunteer-run tech charity secures funding and launches innovative Christmas gift

Added: 07/12/2023


Give them a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas.

Volunteers from Leeds-based charity Better Giving Partnership have launched an innovative new gifting service this Christmas, helping people to support a range of different causes.

Illustration of a character giving a heart, which is the Givto logo

Give the gift of Givto this Christmas!

Givto’ is the first of its kind in the world and has been likened to an online version of the charity token schemes you see in some supermarkets. It couldn’t be simpler. Users set up a Direct Debit for the amount of their choice and each month they are given a choice of three different charities to support with a click or tap.

The beauty of Givto is it gives people the opportunity to support well known charities that are close to their hearts while also introducing them to small local causes they may never have heard of before, who desperately need support.

Givto user, Richard Blamires, said: “I had considered making a regular donation to charity for some time but could never decide on which charity. Givto seemed like a great idea for helping a variety of charities on a regular basis and I have not been disappointed.

“The process is really straightforward and I’ve been able to do my bit for several local charities that I’d never heard of before. My kids often help choose a charity which helps them understand and appreciate the needs of others.”

A Givto subscription can now be purchased for someone as a gift, so people can give a Christmas present that makes a real difference. The receiver chooses a different charity to support each month, making it an attractive option for those who like to give a more meaningful present at Christmas.

Subscriptions start from £5 per month and can be purchased for periods from two to 12 months.

The Givto service has an ‘excellent’ rating on review website Trustpilot with members praising its simplicity and the innovative way of learning about and supporting different causes.

100 charities of all shapes and sizes have now benefited from donations made by Givto members, from national charities including Brake and Mind, to the smallest local initiatives such as Leeds and Moortown Furniture Store, that delivers second hand furniture to those who can’t afford to buy their own.

Givto is run by the Better Giving Partnership, a registered charity founded by a group of friends in Leeds and run entirely by volunteers who share a passion for making it easier to learn about and support charities that provide invaluable services.

Givto team members L-R Nick Gregory, Scott McKinney, Alex Ellis-White, Kathryn Griffiths and Penny Coulthard.

Givto team members L-R Nick Gregory, Scott McKinney, Alex Ellis-White, Kathryn Griffiths and Penny Coulthard.

Even more incredibly, they set the service up during the first lockdown, working remotely during the pandemic, and have yet to all meet in person.

Alex Ellis-White, Founder and Chief Executive said: “It’s amazing to see our simple and secure service help people to discover and support different causes, and help charities to raise awareness of their work and much-needed funds.

“Givto is run by charity for charity. We don’t make a profit from the service – we are here to bring people and causes together.

“The team and I are very excited to roll out this new ‘Givto as a Gift’ service, and encourage people and charities across the country to sign up and join the Givto community.”

Charity funding body The Fore recently announced that Better Giving Partnership is one of just 12 charities in the UK to win funding and support in their Autumn funding round. The Fore’s mission is to “turbo-charge exceptional small charities that are transforming lives and society”. They select the highest-potential small charities and social enterprises and source the funding and skills these charities need to accelerate their impact.

Better Giving Partnership is the only Yorkshire charity to secure a spot in the final 12 and will use the funds to develop and expand the Givto service so even more money can be raised for good causes. This includes piloting a new ‘Givto for Business’ service in early 2024 which enables companies and their staff to support a wide range of different charities and improve staff engagement and retention.

Buying “Givto as a Gift” is very simple and further details are available on the Givto website at


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