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Wharfedale Foundation, funding communities in Yorkshire & the Humber through 4 final grant rounds in 2024/5

Added: 05/02/2024

Voluntary Action Leeds

The Wharfedale Foundation

The Wharfedale Foundation is a grant-making charity funding community projects in Yorkshire and the Humber.  Founded in 2009 with the proceeds of the sale of Scargill House in Kettlewell, North Yorkshire, its primary aim is to help the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in society.  We fund organisations and initiatives in Yorkshire and the Humber that bring communities together, support communities who feel marginalised and forgotten, or build bridges between communities.

Spending out and closing the Foundation

With the unprecedented recent effects on society, through the pandemic and current cost of living crisis, there is a stark increase in the dependence being placed upon civil society as a source of intervention. With the acknowledgement that there is much immediate need for financial support the Trustees have decided to act now by concentrating on spending out the Trust’s remaining resources over the next 2 years.

In 2024/5 the Foundation will therefore provide grants of £500-£25,000 in 4 application rounds, to organisations operating in Y&H under 3 priority areas: breaking down barriers in society; integration of marginalised groups; tackling disadvantage.

What we will fund

Grants for not-for-profit organisations with an income of under £300,000 for projects in Yorkshire & Humber addressing divisions in society and bringing communities closer together.

Grants will be for up to £10,000 over 1 or 2 years for organisations with an annual income of under £150,000. Grants will be for up to £25,000 for organisations with an annual income of under £300,000.  We encourage applications particularly from smaller organisations.

We will fund projects/activities/core and development costs (including staff salaries, training, pilot projects, on-going services etc.) and are particularly keen to support organisations to be more sustainable.

Our priorities are: breaking down of barriers in society, the integration of marginalised groups in communities and tackling disadvantage.

See our website for examples of what we have funded.

Who can apply

We are open to applications from:

  • voluntary/community/faith organisations (with a constitution)
  • registered charities
  • charitable companies
  • charitable incorporated organisations (CIO)
  • Community Interest Companies (CIC).  CIC’s must be limited by guarantee, have an asset lock with at least 3 unrelated directors and no persons with significant control.
  • Other non-profit organisations will be considered

When can you apply

Applications will be considered in 2024-2025 over 4 rounds

1) Round 1 opens on 1/3/24 to 22/3/24 for expressions of interest, with full applications invited to submit between 1/4/24 – 26/4/2024

2) Round 2 opens on 6/9/24 to 27/9/24 for expressions of interest, with full applications invited to submit between 7/10/24 – 1/11/2024

There will be 2 further rounds in 2025.

How to apply

Organisations are asked to submit a brief expression of interest on the Foundation’s website to check eligibility. If eligible, applicants will be sent a full application form.

Further information

The Foundation will also be running short Meet the Funder on-line information sessions where you can find out more.  These will be on Thursday 22nd February at 2pm, register here; Wednesday 6th March at 6pm, register here.  We will also be delivering a session in partnership with Community Matters Yorkshire on Monday 18th March register here

To find out more go to

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