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Toolkits, Tips and Best Practice for Volunteer Managers

There are many useful resources available to help people who coordinate volunteers and to share with your volunteers, some of these key documents are below.

There is also a Trello board for volunteer managers and coordinators with many more documents available to download, which are stored and collated in a visually helpful way.

Documents to Download

The Volunteering Handbook (PDF, 536 KB)

A handy booklet to use during the induction of a volunteer. It covers all the relevant best practice elements in the Leeds Volunteering Kitemark. Freely available for any organisation in Leeds to use with their volunteers.


Recruiting Volunteers with Criminal Convictions Toolkit (PDF, 3 MB)

This toolkit is designed as a first step for organisations to ensure their volunteering programme is accessible to the prison community. It provides guidelines about what to consider when assessing potential volunteers with criminal convictions so that recruitment and support processes can be made inclusive and safe for staff, volunteers and service users.


Volunteers and Mental Health (PDF, 68 KB)

Key points from the Volunteer Managers Network discussion about volunteers and mental health.


Top Tips: Volunteering from Home (PDF, 49 KB)

How to approach confidentiality and data protection.


Top Tips: Writing Volunteer Roles (PDF, 49 KB)

What to consider and include when you're looking to recruit a volunteer role.


Top Tips: What your Volunteers need to be happy (PDF, 102 KB)

A reminder of why people volunteer in the first place and how you can keep volunteers happy.


Volunteer Induction Videos

A set of videos that can be used during the induction process of your volunteers. The induction videos cover:

  • Safeguarding
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection
  • Staying Safe
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