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Here's how you can add your news, events, jobs, training and blogs onto Doing Good Leeds

Whether you want to shout about your fantastic events, share some good news or a simple update, or recruit the right person for a job, Doing Good Leeds is the hub where you can do all that and much more – it’s so easy to reach lots of people all across Leeds’ third sector.

Here’s just some of the reasons to post your information on Doing Good Leeds:

  • The Doing Good Leeds website receives over 40,000 views per month! With many of those on the jobs page alone.
  • We will also try to promote your posts by sharing them on our Twitter page that has over 8,000 followers reaching across Leeds, with a focus on the third sector.
  • This website acts as a hub to post all your organisation’s information that you want to share, meaning less faffing about posting on a variety of other websites.

This website is for you, the communities of Leeds! Make the most of it in just four simple steps

Step 1

If you already have an account, go head and log in.

If not, it’s really quick to create an account –

Step 2

Now you’ve logged in, the first thing you’ll see is your dashboard.

From here you can add your own events, blogs, news articles, training and job posts.

You can do this by either clicking the relevant tab on the left hand side menu or scrolling down the page and clicking the relevant pink button.

Step 3

Now you’re ready to add your own content!

There are boxes for you to enter all the information relevant to the type of post you are creating. For example – when posting a job, you will be prompted to fill in information such as the salary, location, hours per week etc.

You can add links and images into the description section.

Please note that once you click the blue button at the bottom of the page to submit your content, this does not publish your item immediately. It is reviewed by the team before being approved and made live. This can take up to 3 working days but is usually sooner.

There is currently no way to save your progress on this form, so please be mindful that if you lose connection your progress will be lost – we recommend copying and pasting into this form and completing it all in one go.

image of the website screen after submitting a news item

Step 4

After your content is submitted, the team will review it and make it live within 3 working days (providing it is relevant to the third sector in Leeds).

You will receive an email letting you know when the item is live! You can then share and tweet the link.

From your dashboard, you can see all the jobs, events, news, blogs and training posts that you have submitted.

You can edit and delete items from your dashboard too – and making an amend to a live item takes immediate effect.

That’s it – that’s all there is to it.

Like anything, the more you do it the quicker and easier it will be. So, what are you waiting for, let us know all about what you’ve got going on.

If you do have any problems or questions, or would like a bit of extra help you can email or call 0113 297 7920.

Happy sharing!

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