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Every organisation and group has a duty to safeguard


Even small groups that deliver charitable activities have a duty to safeguard their volunteers, staff members, participants and donors.

Safeguarding is about creating a safe, welcoming, respectful environment for everyone and identifying when there is a risk of that not being the case.

Safeguarding Information

Safeguarding should be a day to day practice, and for organisations it’s about making sure your policies and procedures are set up in a way that actively prevents harm, harassment, bullying, abuse and neglect, and that you’re ready to respond in the right way if there is a problem.

NVCO is a great place to find information and detailed guidance about safeguarding tailored to specific groups of people, for example trustees and volunteer managers.

Third Sector Safeguarding Group

Third Sector Safeguarding Group (TSSG) gives third sector organisations and small groups the opportunity to input into discussions with the Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (LSCP) to help develop policies and procedures which improve safeguarding for children and young people across the city.

TSSG allows the sector to discuss areas of concern, shares examples of good practice, and encourages consistent safeguarding standards across the sector.

The Third Sector Safeguarding Group is open to third sector organisations and small groups working with children and young people.

Working in partnership with the Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Partnership the quarterly meetings are an opportunity to share best practice across the sector, to inform the work of the LSCP from the Third Sector perspective and to disseminate messages from the LSCP across the sector.

TSSG welcomes new and emerging organisations and small groups to attend to help them increase their awareness of safeguarding for the children and young people they work with.


Find courses on Safeguarding

Regular training is provided for groups and organisations to help ensure that they have the correct policies and procedures in place, these include:

  • Basic Safeguarding: Raising awareness of safeguarding to organisations and small groups.
  • Policies and Procedures: What should be in place to support the children and young people you work with?
  • Level 1 Safeguarding Course: For staff and volunteers of organisations and groups working with children and young people.

Bespoke sessions can also be delivered – get in touch to discuss these options, or start by seeing what sessions are currently available

Safeguarding Training Fund

Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) and five organisations across West Yorkshire & York are working together to support the roll-out of new national resources and guidance on safeguarding.

The package of resources put together by NCVO are available to help organisations effectively apply safeguarding policies and procedures in their day to day work. They cover a range of topics, including:

  • What safeguarding means to your organisation
  • Tools and resources to doing safeguarding well
  • Local and national support networks available
  • What to do if you have a cause for concern

Building on VAL’s existing safeguarding support, our focus is to support third sector organisations and small groups to use these resources effectively. In particular; diverse community groups, volunteer-led groups and groups from new migrant communities.

VAL are available to provide advice, training, sign-posting and peer-to-peer support around doing safeguarding well.

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