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Leeds Skill Share

Leeds Skill Share is a simple concept which encourages individuals with skills and expertise to share these with organisations or groups, who would really value this support.

Whether you have skills in marketing, HR, finance, design, management, IT, or something similar, you could volunteer and provide real help to the third sector.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re a group or organisation looking for support that requires a specific skill, you can advertise opportunities to recruit volunteers with that particular skillset.

If you’re an individual looking for skills sharing volunteering:

  • Search volunteering opportunities
  • On the “suitable for” filter, click “skilled volunteer”, this will bring up opportunities which are appropriate for volunteers with specific skills


If you’re an organisation looking for volunteers with specific skills:

  • When posting your opportunity, tag the role as “suitable for a skilled volunteer”
  • This will post your opportunity with this tag, and allow potential volunteers to view your role under this filter
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