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An older couple stand together.

Ann and Tony Christian – Thackray Medical Museum

“Useful and enjoyable” – “something to do”

For Ann and Tony volunteering is something to do, as rather altruistically described by Tony, whilst being more than that, Tony went on to tell me how it’s “something to do where you feel you can make a contribution to something you never thought you would”. After retiring as a teacher and an anesthetist Tony and Ann felt they could carry on contributing and giving back but in their own time and on more of their own terms. This image says “people bring different bits of knowledge to things”

Ann and Tony love the interactions volunteering allows them to have, they focus their role on greeting and talking with visitors. Tony, as a retired teacher, is great when school trips arrive, feeling right at home in a room full of easily distracted teenagers, whilst Ann has medical knowledge to impart and, alongside a friend, gives a talk on anesthesia. For Tony, volunteering is a great way to keep using his skills and experience after retirement.

Through their volunteering Ann and Tony have met some “really fascinating people” from all ages and places. That’s what keeps them coming back: “it’s just meeting people”.“It’s a good way of using your time and your experience and some of the skills you’ve picked up

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