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Heathcliff Howard – IntoUniversity

Heathcliff is a student and a volunteer. He volunteers for a charity that offers mentors to young people wanting to access higher education. Heathcliff as a mentor has meetings with his Mentee on a regular basis to help them develop social, academic skills whilst showing them how many possibilities are available to them.

Heathcliff wants to give others the support he wished he had when he was younger. Being from a low-income background and now being the first in his family to go to university, he knows how important it is to be supported to access higher education and overcome obstacles. He aims to be a positive role model and make a difference to his mentee’s life, whilst reminding himself to ‘practice what he preaches’.The image says “provide the support that I wish I had received when I was younger”

Heathcliff’s time volunteering helps him come back to what really matters for him, he wants to help others and make connections with people, and this has all been reaffirmed by his volunteering. This is all encouraged by the keenness of his mentee to learn and chat with him about their aims and the world around them.

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