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An older man with grey hair sits on a bench. He’s wearing a blue jumper and green gardening gloves

John Tate – Beeston in Bloom

“making people happy” For John volunteering is about the joy and satisfaction he gets from doing the gardening work he loves and from other people enjoying and complementing the spaces he works so hard to maintain. John said, “it’s the feeling of satisfaction of making people happy”.

John found volunteering alongside his wife after he retired, and it’s been a way for him to keep active or in his words “get us out and not just vegetate”. He joked how Beeston in Bloom can ‘take over’, clarifying that it was in a good way, a way that gave him things to look forward to and plan for. His dedication to the community and gardening is clear, he was excited to tell me about new planting projects as well as trips to RHS gardens that serve as inspiration.The image says “It’s a feeling of satisfaction of making people happy”

For John Beeston in Bloom and volunteering is about making other people happy while doing something good for himself. This combo is something he would encourage others to get involved with.

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