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Jonothan and Christine Isles – Farsley Rehoboth

“Give something back”

Johnathan and Christine, like Paul and Lynda first started volunteering at Farsley Rehoboth due to a family connection with the graveyard, but it’s become so much more than that. They told me how excited they were to watch the gates open for the first time and that “seeing what could be done” is keeping them coming back.

The main thing emphasised to me by Johnathan and Christine was how amazing it is to see the progress at the Rehoboth. They said “even in the space of a week you

notice a huge difference” and how “rewarding” and “satisfying” this progress is.

They both take on ad hoc roles around the Rehoboth, filling in when needed during their weekly volunteering shift. They described their role as “no skills needed” whilst understanding the importance of some of the skilled roles at the Rehoboth and the opportunities available to develop and learn new things, noting that basic gardening skills are often something taken for granted, and it’s amazing that the Rehoboth gives people the chance to learn these skills.This image says “It’s nice to see it come to life even though it’s a graveyard” “It’s kept us active: physically and probably more importantly, mentally”

The community around Farsley Rehoboth really matters to Johnathan and Christine and the charity itself. They told me about the collection boxes in local shops and the pride they feel when they regularly come back full. That paired with more people becoming interested in and wandering around the site when they see the progress made by volunteers.

Christine and Johnathan would encourage others to “do it”, give volunteering a go, and that you’d be surprised with what you get out of it. They’ve seen it help them meet new people and assist with their own and others’ wellbeing.

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