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Lizzie Snow – Voluntary Action Leeds

Experience – Learning – Connected

Lizzie is a huge advocate for volunteering and this began in her recent experience of volunteering oversees. Lizzie’s main motivation for volunteering is to gain experience while she’s studying at university. Volunteering has given Lizzie the opportunities to learning about the charity sector and the different roles that exist. In Lizzies words, she wanted a role “where you could really get stuck in rather than just be someone making coffee and watching other people do jobs, it was wanting to get some proper experience and learn how to work basically” The image says “Volunteers care so much about what they’re doing in all these different causes, it’s been a surprise to see so much different work going on to make Leeds a better city"

Lizzie reached out to the Volunteer Centre and asked for a role within VAL. It was the support that VAL offers to charities, “pulling them all together” that interested Lizzie. She gives great advice for people looking to volunteer when she said “I’d say have a look at what’s out there, there’s so many different roles and so many different places that are available, and if you see something where you think you’d be good or really want to help then ask. See people in the charity sector, by nature, are really lovely people and so if they’re able to help you, they likely will and so if you talk to people and ask, then you’ll find something where you can make a role work, where you can make a difference and have the kind of experiences that you feel you need to have.”

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