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Translated Resources

Translated resources and information for migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers

 Migrant info Hub 

Resources and information for service providers to support migrants. Includes translated resources, COVID-19 guidance, and immigration and visa information.

Migrant Health Guide

Advice and guidance on the health needs of migrant patients such as access to healthcare and migrant health guides including NHS entitlements, COVID-19 guidance, and nutritional health information

Information and support

Public health  

NHS entitlements for migrants

How to navigate the NHS for refugees and asylum seekers.

Cost of Living 

If you need support with bills and managing your money, have a look at these leaflets Money Information Centre.

Advice on money and debt leaflet

Available in: Arabic, Czech, Dari, Farsi, Kurdish, Polish, Romanian, and Tigrinya


Advice on electricity and utility bills leaflet

Available in: Arabic, Czech, Dari, Farsi, Kurdish, Polish, Romanian, and Tigrinya


Migrant Access Project – Bridging the gap between communities and services

Get training on a wide range of important topics including housing,
work and money, health and wellbeing, education and language,
community safety, advocacy and advice, and environment.

Read the MAP leaflet for more info.

Calendar dates of monthly MAP sessions 2023-24.


Ukraine Hub

A resource tool for Ukrainians, hosts and organisations interested in or already supporting Ukrainians in the UK.

You can find information on:


Roma Support Group

A Roma-led organisation working with East European Roma refugees and migrants.

COVID-19 vaccine posters

Available in: English, Polish, Romanian and Slovak.

COVID-19 vaccines videos

A series of videos featuring members of different Roma communities explaining why they got the COVID-19 vaccine and their experiences with the vaccine and booster.

Available in: Polish Romanes, Romanian Romanes, Romanian, and Slovak Romanes, and have English subtitles.

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